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Doha, 14/01/2015 -
Under the Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Chairman of Qatar Fuel (WOQOD), a new center for vehicle inspection (FAHES) in Mesaimeer was inaugurated today, Wednesday 14 January 2015.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by WOQOD Board members, WOQOD CEO, Engineer Ibrahim Jaham Al-Kuwari, in addition to representatives from the Traffic Department, concerned public authorities and departments, WOQOD's management team and honorable guests.

On this occasion, Engineer Al-Kuwari issued the following statement: "We are pleased today to inaugurate the second center for vehicle inspection in Mesaimeer region. The center which occupies an area of 6500 square meters and has an estimated cost of 18 million Qatar Riyal, is the second among WOQOD's Smart FAHES inspection projects following the inauguration of the first center in December 2014 at Wadi Al- Banat ( North University ) . It comes as part of a series of smart inspection centers that are being currently developed by WOQOD in various regions of the State. Four new centers are currently in the design and construction phases in the regions of: Al-Wakra, al-Shamal, Al-Shihaniyyah and Al-Khour. These projects are expected to be inaugurated and operated during 2015. As part of its future strategic plan, WOQOD will also establish several new smart inspection centers in its fuel stations where there is sufficient space to establish such centers.

Woqod Tower, West Bay, Doha, 31/12/2014 -
Dearest representatives of local media,
Our esteemed and honored guests,
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

It is a pleasure and honor for me as a person and on behalf of the executive management of Qatar Fuel/WOQOD, to welcome you all in this friendly press meeting, where we will update you on WOQOD's current and future projects and its plan for the next five years 2015-2019. I will also be gladly available to respond to any questions or inquiries you might have regarding the activities of WOQOD in the various areas of marketing, transporting and storing Petroleum products, including jet fuels, technical inspection services (Fahes), Bitumen, LPG, Marine Services, Sidra retail stores, and projects outside Qatar.

First: Petrol Stations:

  1. Projects under Construction:
  2. Works are currently in progress for the construction of 13 new stations in the areas of Al-Wakra, Al-Wajba, Al-Jmayliyyah, Al-Aqla [Lusail], Al-Thakhirah, Al-Qotayfah, Al-Mesahabiyah, Al-Shemal City, New Rayyan, Sodanthel, Fulayhah, Bin Derham, the New Hamad International Airport (HIA), in addition to WOQOD fuel station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Some of these projects are almost complete, while others are still in the construction phase; however they are all expected to be inaugurated during the year 2015.

  3. Projects in the Design and Tendering Stages:
  4. There are seven new stations in the following areas: Smeismah, Al-Thameid, Al-Thamamah [Al-Hadarmah], New Mesaimeer , the Educational City [Bani Hajar], the Educational City(North) and Umm Qarn. These projects are expected to be completed by the end of year 2016. WOQOD is also coordinating with the Educational City and Lusail City on the establishment of two new petrol stations in each location, in addition to new other stations in the Economic Xones, where discussions and coordination are currently underway.

  5. Projects yet to be Designated:
  6. Meanwhile, WOQOD is also coordinating with the Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning for the completion of procedural requirements in the designation of 25 new locations that are suitable for the construction of WOQOD stations, with the aim of providing the best and most convenient and comprehensive coverage for the majority of the areas within the state of Qatar, with special emphasis on Doha City, Al-Madari Road, the East-North Road, and other highways.

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